I’ve Found My Place In The Working World

L0015025 Advertisement for John Broad, dispensing chemistI recently started working in the dispensary at the pharmacy I work in, moving from shop part.

It’s very different work.

I don’t talk about work much for a couple of reasons. One, it just makes sense not online. The odd comment on facebook about the day, but it’s just good professionalism not to be writing about your job online for good or bad. If you don’t write about it you can’t get in trouble over anything you’ve said. Also, for a while the company I worked for had a policy of not even saying you worked for them on any social media, though recently that has changed over the past year or so, and I know there is a colleagues group on facebook as well as twitter account.

I follow neither.

So, I work for a random pharmacy as a dispensing assistant and have done for about two months. Before that I was in the shop side for eighteen months.

It’s actually what I wanted to be doing from very early on in the job, if only because I don’t like the fact that there are some things I can’t do and some things I can’t help with. You can’t even touch the medication until you’re signed up for the dispensers course which I found very frustrating.

Until recently.

I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy the work, I really wanted to work there but didn’t know how much I would enjoy it until I was actually doing it. I hope to qualify as full dispenser and be doing it for a long time to come. Which is odd, because I’ve never really had any desire to work in a pharmacy or anywhere really since I was a kid. All I’ve ever wanted to do was right, with a few notions here and there of wanting to teach or be a journalist (so more writing) but never really anything else.

And I am a writer and poet and blogger but none of things really pay my bills.

I find dispensing a pretty worth while job. In fact working in the pharmacy as a whole I find worth while, which is what I’ve been missing from a lot of jobs in my life. I know a lot of people depend on us, our services, our medication. A lot of my job involves putting together trays of medication (called dosette trays or dosette boxes) for elderly patients who struggle with their medication or have carers, and putting together similar medication trays for care homes. They’re basically disposable weekly pill sorters done every month so that patients know exactly what to take and when.  Make life a little easier for them, and means they’re definitely taking the right meds at the right time – they’re all checked by a pharmacist before they’re sealed and leave the building.

This takes up most of my time, as well as phone calls, the deliveries, helping out doing walk ins and the prescriptions we pick up from the local doctors surgeries and whatever else needs doing.

It’s a steep learning curve but I’ve been paying attention to what they do in the dispensary since I got there and I tend to pick things up really easily. Had a few teething troubles (I’ve really been thrown in at the deep end so to speak) as expected but everyone’s had their medication and everyone’s pleased with me.

Proud of me.

So I’m happy. Tired because I’m doing extra hours right now, stressed on occasion, and definitely underpaid (who isn’t), but happy.

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