I go to an art group once or twice a week, run by Mind Aberystwyth, who I love. Anyway, at art, Bev who runs the groups, usually gives me a massive piece of paper, and most of the time I just sort of go with it and end up drawing or painting something huge and a bit intricate and epic. Or epically long to complete at least.

This last one I think I started three weeks ago or so, maybe before Christmas, I’m not actually sure now. I think the original pencil version was before Christmas, and I inked it second week of January when the group was open again.

Anyway, here are three of the stages.
(click to see bigger images)


Inked in. I didn’t think of taking an image of the pencil version. Stupidly.


Half way through. The dark blue around the stars took the most time.


The finished product.

And I was very happy to finish it. I will take it home next week, assuming the weather is better (it was raining today), and start something new. And maybe smaller.

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