I am getting married to my fiancé Kate Ellen in July.

She asked a month ago, so we have three months (now two) to organise a wedding, but the morons on Don’t Tell The Bride get it done in three weeks, so we’re generally bolstered by that.

We have a date, a venue, and a bouncy castle so far and we just agreed on the bridesmaid dresses. Today we met with the registrar to give notice.

I’m not as stressed as maybe I should be? I don’t know who is saying I should be stressed. My general philosophy on the matter is; as long as Kate Ellen and I are happy, and we get married, everyone else can go bollocks. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, and doing everything the way we want it to be. I a aware it might make me sound a bit like a Bridezilla, in a way, but all I really care about is that Kate Ellen is happy.

The best man is my nephew Taylor. Do you know why? Cause he is the best man. Ever. We want our music at the wedding, a bouncy castle for us (and maybe the kids), food we want, a nommy cake (decorated accordingly – with Lego men, Phineas and Ferb and My Little Pony) and the only opinions that really matter are mine and Kate Ellens.

We’re doing everything together, from start to finish. Because it’s our wedding, our relationship. We’re deciding on everything together, and there’s none of this hiding the dress (or dresses – I haven’t decided what to where yet) from each other, or spending the night apart the night before the wedding. I want to be with her, not forced apart from her the night before we get married and commit to each other for life. I’ve never really understood that tradition.

Plus, the anxiety will kick in nicely and I’ll need her.

It’s going to be insane, of that I am aware but right now, I’m just happy and every detail that gets sorted just cements the fact we’re getting married and I am stupidly happy about that. Cause I love her.

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4 thoughts to “W is for Wedding

  • Joshua

    Excellent news! Congratulations!!!

  • William Kendall


  • Jennifer

    Bouncy castle at a wedding? Yes please.Congrats on the engagement and Happy Wedding to you!

  • Loopyloo

    Congratulations! I hope you have a lovely wedding – it certainly sounds like it will be, with a bouncy castle! 🙂


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