Atervinning20150715The one things that bugs me the most about my job is the waste.

I work for a pharmacy so we have wasted drugs and we don’t recycle. So many drugs are wasted, people don’t realise how much they’re wasting and sometimes people are just wilfully wasteful too. We’ve had bags, huge bags of unused medications – tablets, liquid, powder. Things people have take incorrectly, or not taken at all, or just forgotten. Medication people have just not even bothered to open and have gone out of date.

It drives me crazy.

At home we recycle, compost, collect glass in a big box that we keep in our alley until we can talk my mum or sister into driving me to the nearest glass bank (we live in a village).

So it bugs me to see so much waste out in the world.

Shops that leave lights on over night, packaging that just gets thrown out – the amount of packaging we through out is unreal. We just get a single item in a box delivered to us sometimes because a machine did it and no one thinks to check these things. I’ve walked past a Marks and Spencers in the middle of the night and seen all their lights on as well as the escalators. Who needs escalators in the middle of the night?

The amount of effort we – the public – are told we need to put into saving the world. We’ve told every individual needs to do their part, the government threatens to take away our bin collections in favour of recycling but no one seems to make business’s do the same.

And it makes me so angry.

We the public end up being responsible for every little thing and saving the whole damn world individually, and together that’s fine because we need to do it, but there needs to be a lot more done by business’s. Instead of just trying to cut costs and sending an item in a box that could’ve been placed in any of the other twenty boxes that were sent that day.

I will carry on composting and recycling and so on though, because I want to save the world.

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