You can sort of get lost in Aberystwyth.

It’s not a bit place, and it’s empty a lot of the time, when the students are gone, before the kids break up and the tourists come on holiday, it’s never really a busy place when the tourists are here, or before the students come home. Not like cities are, Aberystwyth on a summer Saturday, while busy, packed even, it’s nothing, nothing compared to Leicester city centre on a summer Saturday.

So, you sort of get lost in a different world, where the outside world, the rest of Wales even, drifts away into insignificance. Especially on Sundays. Especially for me.

So I have no idea what the fuck is going on. One day (Wednesday) I’m reading the local paper, broken wing mirrors (we get a lot of those), vandalised gates and stolen chickens from the spar. Pages and pages of fund-raising, and reading novel after novel about the terrible things humans can do, that do not happen in Aberystwyth, that are based in a country a long way away, and then there are riots, and then more riots, over and over, spreading, and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

It’s like suddenly the morons of England decided it was time to take to the streets and….burn stuff. And also, they need televisions. I heard a guy on the radio today say that he was poor, and that the people against the riots, the police, didn’t understand that he needed stuff. He needs a widescreen tv. Moron. When did we become a nation of people who are this stupid. This greedy.

We have it good here, not great, times are hard, but match Britain up to some other countries, some of the atrocities that go on in countries in Africa, and famine and, and war, and freedom of speech, healthcare and care for our kids and hell, no one needs a widescreen tv. No one needs a tv period if they have a home and food and if not, rioting makes their homes worse.

It’s about greed and I hate that. Greed and mindless damage. There’s no thought, it’s nothingness, empty minds. Hundreds of empty minds across England, wanting. Wanting. Not deserving, just wanting. I assume there was a starting point, a trigger, but it’s gone so far beyond that now.

What horrible people we have become.

I’m going back to my novels.

2 thoughts to “The Riots?

  • 108907279337394695259

    Wow – I've heard about it and am so sorry you have to deal with it. We seem to be having some riots in the U.S. too – though not in my area so far (southeastern Virginia). I need to read up on the reasons for it more but it sounds like some people feel the world is not fair and they deserve better stuff.

  • Elizabeth Young

    I don't blame you! People that riot really are idiots in every sense of the word.


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