I feel a bit stuck.

Not in the same way I felt stuck years ago, when I lived in Leicester and I was stuck, trapped, continuously fighting the gravity of a black hole, but a different, less intense kind of stuck.

The kind of stuck that stops me from really doing anything. Like write. That’s the crux of it really, I can’t write anything and it’s very frustrating. It’s not writers block, it’s not even writer’s apathy really, I’ve plenty of ideas I just can’t get them out. I’ve written the first lines to several things, written the same paragraph to a fic three or four times with slightly different wording. Started part thirteen to one fic but can’t seem to get more than a page in. I’ve a whole book full of ideas for fanfic alone, but I’m not writing.

I’ve written a poem in the past two weeks, and started more than one, but like everything else, get a line in and can’t get any further. It’s so frustrating.

There’s not a lot I can do about it really, except to let it pass, because like all the other problems I have, it comes and goes, dips and troughs and rises and all that stuff. It will end and I’ll be writing again, and until then I just have to ride through this frustrating stuck feeling.

Sounds simple enough, but it never is, and in about half an hour I’ll be scrunching up more bits of paper, or scribbling out paragraphs with enough force to rip through the page.

Given my past however, there are worse things I could be doing. Much worse.

2 thoughts to “Stuck

  • Dawn Potter

    Try copyng out someone else's work: a piece you like a lot, or a piece that you find very difficult. It feels like getting work done but takes your own writer's block off the hook. And it's a significant intellectual and craft lesson.

  • Moominboy

    Totally normal to have such slumps. It shouldn't even be called a slump. Your brain is just resting, let it rest in for a bit 🙂


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