There hasn’t been many words here of late, my mental health has taken something of dip, to the point some mornings I feel like I’m lying on the floor being kicked by some invisible manifestation of depression.

So I’ve stuck to pictures for now, I hope you’ve been enjoying them. I think I’m getting a little better at photography, though having a better camera helps too.

Last night I didn’t sleep much, which was odd, cause I haven’t been having trouble to sleeping much, until last night. I slept for forty minutes, woke up, then that as it, couldn’t go back to sleep.

And it took me a while to stop writing a poem in my head, because it rhymed and I knew it would be up all night trying to write it, typing it out onto my phone and posting it to my twitter because I couldn’t be bothered to get up and get a notebook, because I hate admitting defeat to the insomnia.

Perhaps I should’ve keep writing, this is as far as I got;

Sometimes I just think about the trip,
just flying up and talking until we fall to sleep.
Sometimes I think about exploring you with my fingertips,
flying up and smiling and falling deep.

I consider you a treasure exquisite, something I doubt I deserve.
But I can’t turn away once my heart is lit, I will kiss every curve.

I put it to one side (in my mind) and moved onto a daydream (is it still a day dream if it’s one in the morning, and pitch black?) but was still awake until five, occasionally thinking about getting up. I meant to work on the poem today, but I haven’t, maybe tomorrow.

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