There were flashes of colour over the grey city, like lightening, but swooping past windows catching the eye of every inhabitant in the tall tower blocks. No one was sure where there came from at first, there was a gap in the universe, and they appeared over the roofs and satellite dishes, their reflections in some of the highly polished glass set in the office blocks. Faces soon appeared, pushing curtains back and opening windows briefly, pressing faces up against the glass, or peering from behind sofas and armchairs.


Aderyn, bright red and laughing, the sound a screech, stuck her talons into the side of one building, bits of bricks and concrete falling to the pavement, smashing into the tarmac. She wanted to put her head into one of the windows, but no one would open up, no one would even come close and she chuckled again, calling out to Idris, flapping his green wings slowly so could hover above her, watching.


“They are afraid of me.”


“Come away from there Aderyn,” Urien called out, his voice deep enough to cause a slight ripple in the air, the last of the sunlight from the little town they had left behind shining on his hide, changing it from black to purple. The largest of the four, Urien made Heddwyn look tiny in comparison, the little dragon was still growing, his hide still pale, with spindly legs and small wings, barely a year old but had followed the others through to the other universe anyway and would’ve followed his brother Idris into the darkness.


In their town, in the centre of the little community, they were waved off, four dragons off on an adventure, passing through the gap that had appeared on the edge of their known space, past the houses and flowers. They would be missed, people were be afraid they would never return, but Urien was determined, confident even, that he would survive, they would all survive.


On the streets of the grey city, people were screaming, the sound low at first, but building steadily as more people looked up, more people realised what they were seeing.


Real dragons.


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