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I woke up feeling like all I wanted to do was sleep, and sleep, and then, sleep some more. So I didn’t go to Mind, or anywhere, or do anything for a bit. Then I decided to draw a picture of my sister and my niece Poppy, from a photo I took of them a couple of weeks ago, and adore. Here are all the steps.

(Click any of the pictures for a bigger version.)

Pencil sketch
Penned version

I decided I liked the sketch too much to possibly wreck it by inking over the lines and painting it, so I did another sketch. I had to trace parts of the face, I admit that, I’m terrible with faces. That’s why my sister looks a little weird and Poppy’s mouth is messed up a bit in the penned over version.

Finished watercolour.

And thus, my day was filled and I was distracted from my depression and low mood. Tomorrow will be better, probably, ’cause my mood is a bit unstable at the moment and every day is different.

One thought to “Painting Sian and Poppy”

  • Cathy

    Found you on She Writes. The premise for your book of poetry sounds fascinating and I look forward to your print version. Love the raw honesty of your blog.


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