Dry skin
over old scars,
peel back the patterns
etched into skin
scrub away the bruises
the burst blood vessels
look, look, look at me
repeat the sequence
you see,
broken circuits in the brain
could be used
to explain
some of this
or none of this
depending on the weather,
depending on the doctor,
or the medication,
or lack of,
take your pick
choose a choice
this is mine
dry skin
over ageing scars.


I haven’t cut for almost eleven months, and this is that I guess. When I was walking home from my poetry class, I thought about posting this, and had more to say, but sitting down at the computer it’s gone. Never mind. This needs to be read at some pace. I’ve been reading poetry out, I need to make some audio, or film myself, reading some of my poetry out. We’ll see.

One thought to “Old Scars”

  • Moominboy

    That's a heck of a long time. Stick to it 🙂 It's been 9 months since I went back to working full-time, with only minimal panic and depression. It feels slightly unreal, actually, but it can be done :)*hi fives*


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