The A487 Is The Road To Everywhere Here

In the darkness between llannau
there is sudden realisation –
I could be anywhere.
The wrong side of my village,
the wrong side of the world
where there are less lights
and few stars to be seen
through the clouds that cover
the acres of valleys and hills
that envelope us in what we hope is safety.
I could be anywhere
could be outside my comfort zone
too far from home, too far from anywhere I know
The headlights show me little,
grey tarmac I can find anywhere
that tells me so little
and until those faint white lights come into view
I could be anywhere
even if there is no where else to go.


Llannau is a Welsh word, for church or village, and is usually a prefix in village names i.e Llanon the church of Non etc.

OctPoWriMo – Day 29

One thought to “OctPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Nine – The A487 Is The Road To Everywhere Here”

  • lrconsiderer

    As one who’s managed to feel lost on a road she’s known all her life…I feel ya


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