What I write
and what I live
are separate promises I can’t keep.
Never mind
that I’m in too deep
and wrapped around both worlds
like a chrysalis.
This is not for you though.


OctPoWriMo // Day 24

4 thoughts to “OctPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Four

  • vivienne blake

    This is really intriguing. Is it a riddle? It sounds great when read aloud, but I can’t fathom the last line.

  • Fida


  • Rod E. Kok

    This is really neat! I love it. As Vivienne said, the last line threw me off. But somehow, it doesn’t take away from the piece, but adds intrigue.

  • seekingmeme

    “This is not for you though”
    I think I get it. It’s for YOU. 🙂
    Lovely work!


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