Harsh and Sweet

Harsh and sweet
with clean undertones
I push and push
the fragments away
should they fit together
in an odd configuration,
it won’t be on my time,
won’t be on me.

For once.

I write names and dates
over and over
offer every detail for days
I remember but have
ignored the rest too well.
A little bit of negligence
goes a very long way.

Trust me.

I’ve caved to expectations
of my own social species
curled up inside myself
harsh and sweet and broken
but without the beauty
that comes to easily.

Not really.

Tired and aching
pushing until the day is breaking
into little droplets on the fire.
What I expected
does not round the corner.

As usual.

Surprise is wasted on me.
Apathy reigns, hollow and dazed.
Serene in her modesty.
And I don’t care.

At all.

I circle back to the information
they ask so nicely of me.
I have nothing new for them.

Not now.

I suppose she was nice
but this was all too hard.

Too much.

Maybe it’ll all be sweeter tomorrow.

Probably not.


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2 thoughts to “OctPoWriMo – Day Ten – Harsh and Sweet

  • zoebyrd

    I even like the construction of this poem … it lends itself to that sort of undertone where all the reality lives in us… I dont even know if that makes sense but it does to me!

    • Rhi

      Yeah I don’t know why I wrote it like this. Sort of happened when I counted the first couple of stanzas. Thanks.


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