I’ve got secrets,
follow them from place to place
carry them over and over.
I’ve got secret and I’ve got lies.

I’ve got truths,
shake them off and throw them aside,
I have disclosures to offer and
waste no time.

Offering little pieces of myself
to one person.
Offering everything of myself
to every person.
Startle and shock every one away
until someone can stand to stay.

Stand the worst and fear
and every single tear that comes with
every story I tell without my own emotions
even making an appearance.

God, I don’t even care any more.
Go, let me tell you stories to get rid of you.


Insecurities on a plate.

All the little secrets kept locked up
until I am on the edge
of something spectacular and horrible.

The end.


OctPoWriMo – Day Sixteen

4 thoughts to “OctPoWriMo – Day Sixteen – Floodlighting

  • lrconsiderer

    I’ll buy you with confidences
    And keep you with tales
    Of the innermost workings
    The runaway workings
    Catastrophe workings
    All working up an appetite
    Watch me thread my story lure
    Now, won’t you bite
    And throw your darling self
    Upon my hook
    Let me see you wriggle there
    Let me reel you in
    Let me see you comment
    Like, and share
    As you share me
    Scattered to the world
    I am

  • Dawn D

    I really liked these lines “Startle and shock every one away
    until someone can stand to stay.” I can relate to them 🙂

  • Fida

    Aww, this touched me. Thank you!

  • Angela van Son

    The poem is beautiful, and I think it should always have Lizzie’s reply with it. Together they tell a new story, though both work well on their own too.


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