Quietly with no hesitance
do not be afraid of me
do not be afraid.
Smooth down carefully,
all over.
Touch and touch and touch.
There’s only honesty
and acceptance
a little way to go perhaps
before we can process this
but keep going,
keep moving
I won’t deny you anything
if you would do the same for me.

But quietly,
in the darkness,
we’ll talk and love and sleep
cause that’s all we’ll need.

At least
to ignore reality.
You know, that world outside
we try to fit into
when we’re not together.
We should never leave this house,
would never leave this house
if we could manage that.

We were not made for this world.
We were made for each other.


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One thought to “OctPoWriMo – Day Fourteen – Three Years Ago Today”

  • lrconsiderer

    Very sweet and filled full of warmth 🙂 Seems like a poem about one of those perfect moments you never want to end.


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