She cries as
quickly as she laughs
over knives and forks,
or people gone
or just because it’s funny.

Or not.

Show me that,
I’ll show you this.
Toddler tit for tat
you think.
She just thinks you want to to see
what she has in sticky fingers
and you do.

Just not now.

That’s how it goes
playing favourites and playing pretend
and he is her guardian
now. The bigger brother.
That’s how it works.

She’ll soon see.

At some point
you missed an inch
of curls, of legs, of mind
just in the weeks
you didn’t have chance to watch
every inch, every moments.
It soon goes by they say.

So it does.


My niece turns four this month. I love her.

OctPoWriMo Day 4

2 thoughts to “OctPoWriMo – Day Four – Four

  • Anna Stewart

    You missed an inch of curls, of leg, of mind. Loved loved loved that line. It’s perfect. That’s how it is with kids, especially if you don’t see them every day. I’m an aunt too…my nieces/nephew are a bit older but yeah. Very nice!

    • Rhi

      My nephew is 11 and he is no different. Every time I go without seeing him for more than a week there’s something new to notice.


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