My eloquence is inadequate
and half of what I wish.
How am I supposed to cope
with beauty on display
that I am unable to
have for myself.
To live or to touch.
To breathe or to kiss.

None of this make sense.
To you perhaps.

I reach out but get nothing,
am trying over and over
and getting no where.
It’s not like it was.
I have words I am unable to share
because you won’t listen.
Not now at least
and I’m tired of trying.

I ruined this.
I don’t blame you.

r.l.w // Day Eleven

2 thoughts to “OctPoWriMo – Day Eleven – Ineloquent

  • zoebyrd

    sad. I dont know what else to say other than I have really strong feelings with this read that I cant seem to i guess thats a great poem then right? I mean one that can move someone is good writing!

    • Rhi

      I hope so. I’m glad it makes you feel something. That’s the most important part of any writing.


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