Let me tell you a story
something not very boring
about dragon upon high
sitting on gold every night
and how he came to die.

His gold was his world
all glitters and swirls
of light on the coins
reflecting from the gems
bright enough in the sun.

But at night, nothing gleamed
nothing moved and nothing seemed
quite how it was supposed to be.
The dragon did not sleep
did not feed, did not speak.

Soon enough days become weeks
and the dragon needed to seek
some food, some sustenance
something other than gold
if only he could escape its hold.

For money and power, come together
but offer no one anything better
no love, nor warmth, in the pile
of jewels and gems piled to the sky.
and that’s is how the dragon did die.

Alone in his mountain, cold
surrounded only by silver and gold
no one to talk to,
and no food to eat,
this is the fate the dragon did meet.


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