It eats away at her
the strain of it
and I’m losing her
to the stress of it
and I wonder if
there is any truth to it,
to that doubt she’s feeling.

We’ll manage
I tell her
we often do,
without words
just each other
on our lips.

It eats away at me
her silence
the way she falls apart
away from me
instead of with me.


2 thoughts to “NaPoWriMo – Day 5

  • Liz Brownlee

    I really like this poem. But I don’t quite understand the line ‘We’ll manage/I tell her/we often to,/ Can you explain? Thanks! Liz ~

    • Rhi

      ‘We often do’
      A bit daft of me. I don’t always read the poems over when I post them. Depends on the mood I’m in.


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