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So despite being ill, I managed about 1000 words on day one, and then I hit the daily total for the second day. I’m lagging behind behind today, for a couple of reasons. I went shopping with my family and had my cat micro-chipped. Which he did not enjoy, but if he gets out of the flat, or off his lead, we have a better chance of finding him or getting him back if someone else finds him. After town, instead of writing, I was tired, so it was either sleep or plays Sims 3. So I played Sims 3, cause it was too cold in my flat to sleep. I’m taking care of my niece and nephew tonight, they came over earlier, and now the baby is in bed (she’s two so she wants all of your attention) and my nephew is watching some tv before bed, I can get in a few hundred words before bed and I try to catch up tomorrow. Oh and I also have to make a website before Wednesday
There is something wrong with me, my motivation, things like that I won’t get into now (I should be using my words in my novel, obviously), but I want to give up and spend the rest of the month sleeping and playing Sims 3. Hopefully when my mood (and my hormones) even out again I’ll feel much better.

Anyway, here is my prologue, of sorts.



Fire knew three things when she woke up. She was Fire, it was dark, and she was scared. It was certainly an interesting sensation, and when she stretched out, more occurred. Muscles forming out of flames and fingers reaching out to touch, to feel, something next to her. She wasn’t alone. She pulled her arm away and looked, used eyes, flares shaped into orbs so she could see into the darkness, see a shape before her, indistinguishable, as she had once been until these movements made her into something else, something more than just embers in the grass.


There was movement behind her.


She tried to turn, but couldn’t quite work her new form. She stretched out further, rolled to the side. Fire felt long now, instead of tall, instead of flickers she was stronger and hotter. She reached out again, in a different direction, towards something that stood out in the darkness, something darker, deeper than the navy night. As she neared it, with small, individual pillars of fire, all shaped and connected to muscle and tendon, it shimmered before her, it’s shape revealed to her as a puddle on the ground. She connected with it, touched it, and something sharp and heavy shot through her. She cried out, unsure where the noise came from in her new found shape of sinew, and pulled her flames back towards the centre of her being, back into the shape they had once been, a circle of low embers in blackened grass. There was another noise, another cry, she noticed, from the shining puddle. She tried to move but there was that sensation again, the bad one, and she could only watched as the puddle moved, grew, stretched out like she had. It came closer and she jumped, jumping from one patch of grass to another, turning it black around her in moments.


The puddle grew, remaining black against the darkness, but becoming taller, and Fire watched as it stretched out like she had, creating muscle out of liquid, and finally standing, standing tall against the night, looking down at her, pools of black for eyes. She wanted to stretch up like that too, but was scared now. She watched as the puddle took shape before her, separating, parting and then moving. Just a fraction at first, then a little more, and then falling, forming the puddle again on the floor. Tiny bits of the liquid flew into the air, and there was another noise from the puddle, harsher this time. Fire slunk further into the grass, shielding herself behind the burnt blades of grass from the bits of liquid heading her way.


What are you?”


Fire looked to the sound, she hadn’t noticed the lump she had touched before had now moved, formed another shape, like the dark puddle, and was tall, looking over her too as she burnt low on the ground. She didn’t quite know what noises to make, how to reply to those noises just yet, but the puddle turned to the lump and found a way to reply.


I’m Water.” It said, “yes Water.”


Earth, I’m Earth.”


The noises were deeper from Earth, than they were from Water, and Fire wondered how her own noises sounded. All she had made was a cry of something bad, and she was keen to make noises like Earth and Water. But first she had to get up, had to stretch herself out again and both Earth and Water were looking at her now, waiting almost for her to find height like them. She embraced the darkness for a moment, straightened herself out, pushed against the ground, raised up off the ground until she was in the air, connected to the ground still, but also in the air. She managed to rise up taller then Water, but no taller then Earth, who had managed to find a little more height. She was jealous, and tried to stretch out a little more, but couldn’t manage it.


What are you?” Earth asked again, and Fire wasn’t sure how to make the noises to reply, but she formed a mouth, formed lips with her flames and made sounds.


I am Fire.”


She smiled at them, and Water smiled back, Earth still struggling with the more the minute movements of himself, his Earth. They didn’t know what to do next, and they stayed in their spots, looking at each other, mimicking each other’s movements and forming new muscles and new noises.


Soon they would be found by humans, solid and cold.


2 thoughts to “NaNoWriMo: Day Three

  • Kristina

    This was very interesting and unexpected, I want to know what happens next! I wish you the best of luck for NaNoWriMo!

  • williamkendall1

    Very nicely done!


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