I know, it’s been a lot of pictures and few words. Not that I haven’t had a lot to say, just not the motivation to say it. Or write it as the case may be. This week has been hell, compared to the brilliance that was last week. Last week I was in an amazin’ mood, everything was good, all was right in the world. This week reality has come back to bite my on the arse. Almost literally in the form of injections just above my bum. No seriously, I was in so much pain this week I needed a painkiller and something for nausea. Why? Period pain. The worst ever. For almost three hours.

But I don’t want to focus on that, there’ll be time for that next week when I go see my doctor to say ‘doooooooooom, epic dooooom’ and for her to look at me blankly before I explain what the epic doom was.

Last week was great (mostly, there was a hiccup at the end, but never mind that). Everyone is happy with me, and my improving mental health. I’m happy with it too. Things aren’t perfect, I still get panicky a lot, there’s still a lot of obstacles in the way, but I’m getting there.

I got some money, from yougov, and pretty much spent it before the cheque cleared. I bought three books (I have an e-reader, but I love actual books), one with zombies in it. I bought: Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin Anderson and Sam Stall, The Hell of it All by Charlie Brooker and An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain by John O’Farrell. I’ve read the first book by John O’Farrell, which is pretty much 2000 years of British history and very, very funny. And I love Charlie Brooker. And zombies. So triple win.

I also got my hair cut. Had to be done, had to get rid of all the useless hair just sitting on my back in a ponytail driving me nuts.

And I bought some snacks, a keyring with a rubber duck on it from the charity shop and that’s pretty much much the fifty quid gone. All before the cheque cleared. Not my best idea so close to rent day, but I was ahead on my bills this month, meaning I had enough money for my rent and didn’t have to wait for my next benefit payment and pay my rent late. And I could pay the rent on time and eat. Always good.

And then on Thursday I got two new tattoos.

It was both spontaneous and thought out. I’ve been wanting to get these two particular tattoos for a little while, but haven’t had the chance. I had never been into the tattoo parlour here in Aberystwyth before and have been far too anxious about going in. Depsite the face that it’s literally down the road from me. Everything in Aberytwyth is down the road from my flat. The sea is down the road from my flat. I love it.

Anyway. I was out wandering. Because it’s good for exercise and my mental health, and decided to just go and walk past the tattoo place, just to see how scary it was. Like some sort of anxiety-related reconnaissance.

The door was open.

This was my opening of course, if the door was open, that was half the challenge gone, and once I was inside, I felt okay, much better. And then ended up getting two new tattoos, because it was cheap, and they had time, I had time. I also had time to go home and change into a vest because I was wearing a t-shirt and I didn’t want to be sitting in there in just my bra. I was more confident about the place, but not that confident. That, and it was really way too hot in that t-shirt.

So new books, new hair, new keyring, new tattoos.

Only thing that ruined this was the bitch at the Mind Drop-In, who said that bisexuals were a problem for society and really upset and angered me.

But then I spent Saturday with my sister and nephew and all was right with the world again. His hamster bit him on the ear, because he put the animal on his head. Because I do that with my hamster. Proving that I am a terrible influence on that boy. Oops. Also, when he told me his hamster had bit him on the ear I laughed. Pretty sure that was the wrong response because he wasn’t impressed when I laughed. I suppose it didn’t help that his mum was laughing too. Probably didn’t help when he called me this morning to tell me his hamster had bit him when he’d put his finger through the bars of the cage and he was stuck. But, again, I heard his mum laughing in the background.

Love that kid.

We watched James Bond films. He’s growing up now, so he’s allowed to play Goldeneye on the N64, which has blood in it and violence (he’s very proud of this), so we watched a couple of Roger Moore Bond films, because I figured they would be more appropriate for him to watch. Less snogging, less blood, less violence than Daniel Craig. Which Taylor is very aware that he is not allowed to watch.

Then the headache started to kick in and the end of the good times really started.

But it’s been better the past few days, forms filled in, phone calls made, had fun at Mind again, new tv shows. New House. House/Cuddy smexings! New Castle! This week wasn’t totally hell. Just, you know, the agonising pain and throwing up and the injections (one of which stung!!!).

Anyway, no photos, no real reason. Later. and Laters

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