L is for Lurve

MickyDictionary defined as a miss-spelling or as netspeak, urban dictionary defined as a bunch of stuff, good and bad, but none of it what I mean.
Lurve is cat love.

Cat love is different to both human love and dog love. Cat love is more about acknowledging your existence, allowing you to continue that existence and using you for various things such as noms, fuss and shelter.

Cat love is mostly about indifference I think. I’m still learning as I’m still relatively new to both cats and cat love. And still not convinced of the merit of cats. I like my cat Micky, but he is exceptionally stupid, and is very entertaining (and somewhat confusing, why is he trying to sleep on my messy and uncomfortable coffee table?).

Cat love or lurve, is basically the affection they show when they want something (noms, water, your ultimate death and domination over the human race). It’s also shown in them letting you live. Which is nice of them, though I’m not sure how capable Micky is of killing me, he only has two teeth and isn’t too bright as I mentioned. He might try and gum me to death, but I don’t see it coming. Plus he’s desperate to live outside like a wild animal (ahahahaha) so if he kills me and my fiancĂ©, how’s he going to get out of the magical portal we puny homons call a door?

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  1. My cat likes laying on the coffee table too, we think she likes it because it's next to the fire. Although, I don't know why she lays there because she just gets a dog nose in her face all the time! Great post, it's so true! Smoky only loves me if she needs feeding or rescuing from Alfie (the dog).

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