10350524_10154101793025076_5493093907639663461_nI am missing a hamster.

I have four hamsters, and my Syrian hamster Latrice Royale is currently missing in action. About ten days ago, we found her cage empty and the hole she had been working on for months and months now was big enough for her to squeeze through in the night. Her cage had been on the floor as we were cleaning the surfaces for an inspection so instead of her cage being right up against the other cages – therefore blocking off the hole – she was free to get out.

I didn’t even think it was big enough for her to get through. She didn’t even need to cover it with a poster like in The Shawshank Redemption (though, what would hamster have posted on their walls?).

She is definitely not in a cat.

I have four cats, all accounted for. I have four stupid cats. One of whom obviously was eating little creatures while living outside as the estates tom cat (he was fat when we found him and took him in) but has decided that his hunting days are behind him. Waaaaaaaaaaaay behind him. One is a kitten who is scared of the hamsters cause he can’t figure them out yet. Two of them wouldn’t know what to do even if they caught a damn hamster.

Pogo did once. Latrice got out of her ball one day, and got four feet through the house before Pogo caught her in his mouth.

Then he just ran around with her as we tried to catch her. He had no idea what he was supposed to do next and when we got hold of him, he dropped her and ran off again. Luckily for the hamster he is an idiot and it’s a small house. He’s no good at getting away when he’s stolen food. Latrice was just a bit damp and shocked, and spent the next few days hiding in her nest.

So if anyone would’ve caught her it would be Pogo – but like I said, he’s an idiot. And, and, if he has figured out what to do with the tasty morsels we keep teasing with him he would b14344117383_0f8a9c152e_ke covered in blood the next day and there isn’t a trace of Latrice anywhere.

We’ve been leaving her cage out, trying to coax her back in – there’s not much food and water wild in the bungalow but it’s not worked. All that happened was the kitten tried to use it as a litter box.

I don’t really expect to get her back. There is a possibility she got out through some hole in the bathroom where the pipes are and if she’s outside then she’s not coming back. However if she’s still in the house there’s still a chance. A slight one, but a chance all the same. I do hope she comes back, because she’s a great hamster. She bit me once, cause I tasted like food. Opposed to Vala who tries to bite me if I just think about putting my hand in her cage.

A couple of months ago I took her to the nursery where my wife works as part of a Pet Month. I took her whole cage on the bus and let a bunch of four years old stroke her and gave them a mini talk about hamsters. No one was bitten. Everyone was happy. Latrice didn’t even spend the next day in hiding. She just carried on as normal as if being handled by ten kids was now part of her life now.

My nephew’s hamster Wedgie (Hamster of Grief) escaped twice, and came back twice, before she died so I have some hope. The cage is still waiting. Just in case.

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