J is for Jigsaw

My dad used to do a lot of jigsaws. I never saw the appeal personally, but when you were bored and there was nothing on tv, and there was a massive puzzle spread across the dining room table, you tended to try and help. Well, I would do a piece or two, get frustrated and give up and go and read or outside or do anything else. Write. I would go and write. Which was always the fundamental different between me and my dad, I had an imagination, but my father didn’t. Doesn’t.

He liked to do those really difficult one that were just beans or just dice. Which just made it all the frustrating. I remember the beans one being double sided with Brussels sprouts but none of us liked sprouts so he did the beans.  It was boring and I could be reading out complex worlds or trying to create my own, or living in some of them.

And my dad did jigsaws and crossword puzzles.

They would sit on the dining room table for weeks, spread across the entire thing except for the place where my grandad sat at the end. He as always left enough room for his newspaper and a cup of coffee. His stereo was behind him and that was my grandad’s spot.

He would complete them and then they would be scooped up and put back in the box. Then they would sit on the top of the cabinet and stay there. I know some people glue their jigsaws, and display them, my dads just gathered dust for years on that cabinet.

Never made much sense to me but then little of what my dad did back then made sense to me.


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  1. My parents are getting up in their years now. My mom is 75 and my dad will be 80 and often work on puzzles and my mom got puzzle glue and framed a few. They are also both have their puzzle books they do. I agree with you. A few years ago I just didn’t get it. My mom certainly doesn’t need more things collecting dust but I am just thankful that they are still able to do these things. Great post and new follower of your blog.

  2. We used to do jigsaw puzzles sometimes. I like them. I think they actually do involve some imagination, just a different kind of imagination.

    The worst puzzle I ever did was 5000 piece puzzle that was just a big red circle. The puzzle was circular, that is. No corner pieces and just red.

  3. I like doing jigsaws, but only occasionally, and none of those crazy ones. They have to be at least possible to do in a reasonable amount of time. If the box hints at it being a challenge–not interested!

  4. Yeah.. My family was never very big on puzzles. Once in a while someone would pull one out, but we weren’t really excited about them. My husband’s family likes to put together difficult puzzles when everyone gets together at Christmas and I guess it builds comeraderie, but I dunno. Not sure I’d ever pick it as a way to spend time. Like you I’d rather be immersed in my words…

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  5. I like doing them, actually. It might take a good deal of time to get them done, but it allows one to take their mind off other things.

    Reading Andrew’s comment, I’m thinking, there actually was a puzzle like that? I thought that was just a joke.

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