People take inspiration from everywhere and anywhere, as do I. I tried to write a bit of a poem about all the poetry inspired by 911 and other such tragedies but it didn’t come out very well. Too angry and I wasn’t entirely sure about the point of the piece. People take inspiration from other poetry, music, people, places, family, films, everything.

Even TV shows.

Which is the the point of this. I’ve written two poems, inspired by TV shows. But to the point where you would really notice, because I’ve taken one scene and turned it into my own. I very much doubt even die hard fans would know where it had come from. Both inspired by episodes of C.S.I of all things, but I’ve actually forgotten which poem it is.

I have always written parts of me and then anything but me, in poetry. I can imagine it’s hard sometimes for people to know who is me and who isn’t. But when I take something from somewhere else, like I’ve done with Undefended (below). I took one scene and ran with it, made the character someone else, my own character who had undergone the same as the character in the show. That one scene spawning the whole poem and becoming something completely different to the episode.

I liked doing it, writing, taking something like that and turning it into something else, even if both the poem and episode ended up in death. I might take it on as an exercise. When I have writers block, watch some TV, and try and find a poem out of scene to make it my own.


with the buckle of a belt,
forced to drink down
undiluted words.

sleep came in snatches
for the first fifteen
for the next fifteen,
strapped in,
every moment
was spent in serenity,
but not rehabilitated,
you just forgot
why they locked you up
in the first place.

of belt buckles
not quite
and she asks
but you can’t answer.

are really memories
and she leaves,
with a black eye,
it’s too much to take.

for you both.

it all comes
his face broken
from 30 years ago.

you walk away
and into a truck,
belt buckles
imprinted on your back,
imprinted in your forehead.


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