I’m home, precious, precious home.

I left the US from Philadelphia on Monday night at nine pm. And finally arrived home at half nine Tuesday evening. I don’t actually know how long the journey took, because I went to see my dad briefly before I  got the train from Birmingham. And we lost a few hours over the Atlantic. But it took a long time, and I only got half an hours sleep on Tuesday evening, dozing off on the train out of sheer exhaustion. When I got off the plane in Birmingham I felt so tired I wanted to be sick. The same after the three and a half hour journey to Aberystwyth.

Luckily my mum came to pick us up and drive us home.

I am so happy to be home. I’ve missed my bed, and my kitten and my fat hamsters. I’ve missed my niece and nephew and I know my sister has missed me. I went away at the beginning of the summer holidays, so I know she’s missed having someone to look after the kids. For free.

I will miss some things about America, and there will probably be more posts about the US to come yet. Like the fact that there are flags everywhere and other things.

I will miss Kate Ellen’s family, they’re very nice, though it’s nice to be in my own house. I will miss the cats, even though Georgefield felt he needed to sleep on your head (or under it as my wife discovered one night). Henry is such a lovely dog and I’ll miss him and my brother-in-law’s dog Shadow. I love animals. As a side note we were showing my wife’s family some of the photos I’d taken at the Cape and so on, and it was noted that there weren’t a lot of people in them. I don’t really like people, and I don’t like taking pictures of people unless those people are my wife, or kids. Cause kids are adorable.

I will miss bagels. I love bagels. And Rita’s Water Ice.

I will not miss many things. Many things. Including the heat, and the way everything seemed to have been dipped in salt. Everything. I will not miss the washing powder because I think it’s partly responsible for my rash. I will not miss the scary ass cicada eating wasp we saw literally tackling a cicada to the ground, killing it before flying away with it! That was scary. I won’t miss being eaten by bugs. I never react to any insect bites here, but apparently I am a bit tastier to American insects. Not much but enough that it got annoying.

I’ve slept a lot since I got back, though my sleeping pattern is a bit out of sorts, but probably back on track since I didn’t sleep in too long today. My sister dropped the kids off for the day (she was feeling ill) and well, they don’t let you sleep. Ever.

Anyway, I’m home and happy about it. I think maybe three weeks is a little long to be away from my nest.

One thought to “I’m (not) in America (anymore) – Part Five”

  • williamkendall1

    All in all, still a worthwhile trip for you to have made.


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