Seriously now, I was hacked. Not this site, this blog is hosted on the wordpress still and not on the same server and database as my stars-burn site and all the other sites that are hosted on that domain. So everything there,, Aeron Prints,, the icons, all the little fandom microsites/fanlistings. All hacked. All they did way replaced the index pages. The home page with three versions of their own to make sure that at least one of them were seen. They didn’t delete anything and didn’t change any passwords, I just had to got through all twenty odd folders and delete all the index pages and reload the old ones. Which I’ve done for stars-burn and aeronprints, they’re both running on wordpress and just needed to be replaced and I had those files on my netbook. However is currently without an index page, as is the icons page and a couple of others like the site I made for my mother’s horse stud (that rarely gets updated because she never gives me the info or pictures for it). I took the opportunity to clean up a bunch of stuff that’s been there for a little too long now, and all the fandom microsites that I don’t update or care about. I will update and re-upload the other things, completely redo, but my PC is currently inaccessible.

I don’t know how I feel about it really. Annoyed but apathetic. There’s no real reason behind it, they just did it because they could, and it frustrates me somewhat because I feel that sort of hacking; for non political reasons, is the same as anything else pointless. It’s not creative, it’s not clever and it’s a waste of time and resources. Like getting wasted. Let’s go get drunk, cause we can. Let’s hack a ramdom website, cause we can. It’s stupid and it annoys me. Plus it’s not like I ever really did anything to deserve it except have a crappy password I guess. Which is different and stronger now.

I’m glad they didn’t delete anything, though I have back ups of both this blog and my writing blog, so there’s that.

So basically mild annoyance and apathy. And maybe a little push to clean some stuff up and strength my passwords.

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