I’m indifferent.

I was before he died and I am now, after he died. I had no opinion on anything he did really, outside of his music. No opinion on his “plastic surgery” or the allegations of indecency with children. I tend not to believe what I read in the media or see on the tv. Until someone actually shows me x-rays and medical records, I won’t believe he did or didn’t have plastic surgery. Until I am able to go back in time and turn into a fly and actually see what happened with the kids, or read minds (neither likely) I won’t believe he did or didn’t do anything.

Though, I do believe we need to have some faith in the justice system.

Anyway. he’s dead, whatever happened to his, has done and obsessing over new reports isn’t really going to change much of my life. or any of my life.

I liked his music. The Jackson 5, his Bad years. I must’ve listened to the Dangerous album so many times my mum threw the tape out. It would explain why I lost it.

Overall, Micheal Jackson, very sad, poor kids (though, they may lead a slightly more normal life now).

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