These are three things I’ve never done. At least until today.

I’ve never dressed up for halloween.

Ruby, Garnet and Sapphire from Steven Universe

When I was a kid, we didn’t ever trick or treat. Maybe once. I don’t really remember any halloweens before I turned ten maybe, so my memory can’t really be relied on. I remember something with binbags and my uncle but that might not have been halloween. My family is weird. That much is clear. When I was ten I moved to Wales and I lived on the edge of no where. Who the hell was I going to trick or treat? There was a field or two between houses and no street lights. At all.

No trick or treating.

I’ve never been to a fancy dress party.

I’ve been invited to a few but I don’t do parties. Dressing up for a party in a costume would be the ultimate hell for me. I hate parties. I’m social phobic. Even if it’s friends and family it can be too much. Mostly I would just not go to partires at all;fancy dress or not. I like being at home. I don’t even really like being out of the house after dark any more. Or after seven (in the summer). I’m not boring, per se, but I am very much a comfort zone person.

That can include clothes too. I hate shoes, I hate my uniform, I hate my smart trousers (they have no flipping pockets!!).

So I’ve never dressed up in fancy dress either.

I’ve never cosplayed

Snappy as Garnet
Snappy as Garnet

I’ve wanted too, especially over the past couple of years as I’ve seen more and more awesome cosplays online. A couple of reasons stop me though.

I don’t think I’d ever look good enough in any cosplay. It’s actually one of the few times I worry about my appearance and the opinions of strangers about my appearence. the rest of the time I don’t care a fig but I worry about that. Secondly I just never had the reason to cosplay. I don’t go to conventions or fandom events or anywhere really.

People online go to places and do things and I sit at home and write things and sometimes I go out and take pictures. I’m rarely in front of the camera. I’ve had more pictures of myself taken in the past two weeks with my son than on my own in the past year. Though sometimes people just cosplay for pictures. I guess I would do that.


I’ve never really dressed up for carnival before. Most villages have one and I always go to the town one – it’s the biggest one in the area and the best. Ever year different colours are chosen. I dress in the colours. I take pictures of the parade, the floats, the costumes. Since meeting my wife I’ve actually walked in the parade too – at least most of the way before running off half way through to take pictures.

This year I had a baby and well, damn but I want to dress him up as everything. I already have a frog outfit my sister bought him (he’s too small for it) and an R2-D2 outfit I bought from Sainsburys (also too small for).

Me as Ruby with Snappy.
Me as Ruby with Snappy.

Also, I realised I could dress up as Ruby from Steven Universe really easily. And cheaply. Bit of material. Right colour top. I already own black shorts. And in our relationship I am definitely Ruby and my wife Sapphire.

Which makes Snappy Garnet.

So I made him an outfit and took him to his first carnival in his first cosplay.

At two weeks old.

He doesn’t quite fit his costume and I’m not sure it will survive the wash; I hand sewed it but it was an awesome day out. Even if he never wears it again and pretty much slept through the parade. The colours this year were red and turquoise, so Ruby and Sapphire fit in nicely. The sun shone brightly, there were a lot of floats and my sister was kid free and could go to the pub. What more could you want on a bank holiday?

Carnival pictures to come on Wednesday!


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  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA

    I am clearly out of this scene. Even looking up Steven Universe, I am still at a loss. But, if you baby didn’t complain, who am I to shed a concern.


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