I actually believe that’s it’s always better to be a visitor to a country than to have been born there. You will never see your country in the same way tourists and immigrants see it. Everyone wants to visit England, come and work here. We can’t stand the place and want to get away. I imagine that if I were in trudging along in a crappy office job in Spain, I wouldn’t feel this way. But if I were Spanish and trudging away in my crappy office job in Spain I would.

Everyday Is Monday

Tell me about Monday,
was it any different,
in any way,
to yesterday,
Crushing panic
and crashing cars,
rush hour traffic
and rushing blood.
Is your heart beating fast enough?

The silence means
you’ve stopped
and I know you want more
but the grinding of feet
on the underground,
over escalators and
past footpaths and parks,
bridges and byways
is the average way
to an average wage.

Everyday is the same in English.

I know you have more in you,
more to do,
stop driving, walking, talking
and tell me about a Monday
in another language,
from another land,
England will just continue to bring you down.


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