Dysmenorrhoea is the fancy word for enduring several years worth of period pain in one epic fail of a day. I don’t suffer from it often, in fact, before today it hadn’t been that bad for a few years. Today I had to spend half an hour lying on the floor of the hallway at work, eyes closed and rocking back and forth because I could stand up. Or actually keep my eyes open. I threw up my tea and went dizzy and faint and actually, most of my menstrual pain has been better over the past year. Manageable on just paracetamol and not a mad desperate cocktail of co-codomol and ibuprofen and chocolate.

Oh and rocking back and forth.

I was pretty sure I was going to pass out at work, or throw up on the tills. The pain was shocking but not just the worst of it. I’m lucky I was only in work for the afternoon and not all. I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be as bad because I’m exhausted from this afternoon.

It’s happened once before, the complete and total collapse of my body. A few years ago, before I met my wife, when I had spent an entire day in pain and throwing up. The fact that it had lasted all day meant that I had to have the doctor come out to see me. He gave me an injection of painkillers and anti-nausea tablets in my backside. About an hour after that I ate a lot of food and fell to sleep on the sofa at about seven in the evening.

The only pain I can think is comparable to this, that I’ve felt, is the time I had a liver biopsy when I was hospital and that was two excruciating stabs of sudden pain that was gone again afterwards. The dysmenorra is looooooooong, never ending. The biopsy was quick.

It’s one of those things though that, even as a writer I don’t think I could adequately explain just how bad this afternoon was. Except maybe bad, bad, bad. I remember taking a lot of¬†solpadeine as a kid, a lot of days when I couldn’t stand up straight. I’ve spent a lot of days wrapped in blankets walking around bent over and cradling a bin.

A lot of time rocking back and forth, but then, that’s not quite exclusive to the pain.

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