So lets have a catch-up of these week. As well as starting a new job (I got a job!), writing the posts for the A to Z Challenge, for two blogs, I also decided to write a poem every day for Poetry Month//NaPoWriMo (National poetry writing month). Because I’m a poet and love a challenge. So let’s have a recap of the week. Excuse any repeats, any poem I write for A to Z I am counting for NaPoWriMo – no point in making it harder on myself.

A to Z Challenge.

A is For Amber

B is for Bad Blog Design

C is for Cable Ties

D is for Drugs

E is for Energy


Day One – Amber

Day Two – Lost

Day Three – Knowledge

Day Four – Always Angry

Day Five – Energy

Day Six – The Last Pieces

2 thoughts to “Catch Up // Recap

  • Rory

    Woah you are productive! I am ashamed of myself.

  • williamkendall1

    Congratulations on the new job!


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