I live with my blinds closed. I rarely open them unless it’s a really nice day and I could do with a bit of sun. In my old house the curtains were pretty much always closed, excpt in the lounge. The front ones and the bedroom were rarely open. We had nest downstairs but I didn’t like the idea of people even seeing the shape of what I had in my front room. Even if I only had crap in that room.

Now I have blinds, no nets, so the blinds stay closed a lot.

I like it this way. No one can see me, or what I’m doing.

Which is handy if I’m on Wii Fit, because I look particualry stupid. I’ve really bad balance and doing the Step this afternoon I was a bit off balance. Well, more than a bit. I’m okay at the step, I just lost my balance a bit. Anything else that involves balance, or standing on one leg and I’m screwed. I have enough room (just) and I’d fall onto a bed on one side, but my computer on the other. Not that I’d want to fall anyway. Even if I fell onto the bed I’d end up hurting myself in some way.

It’s a skill I happen to have.

Anyway, I don’t really need to see out at the world. I can hear everything I need to know. Rain, kids, dogs, cars. I look sometimes, just to see the ferocity, how many, the type, the colour, but those are just details.

Right now, it’s raining, no cars, no kids. Just rain. I may have to check to see if it’s flooding mind.

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