I often wonder what to write about. I mean, I have been struggling lately, to think of topics to blog about – I mean I go through phases where I don’t write for a couple of weeks and phases where I write every other day. Of course I would prefer write every couple of days or every few days, but my brain doesn’t always want to cooperate. And not everyone has a bundle of ideas. I write when I have them. I rarely write ahead, nothing is scheduled, except when I do challenges like the April A-Z blogging challenge (which I did the year before last) and OctPoWriMo which I did last year.

There are plenty of places to get blogging ideas, but I find it all a little random and impersonal so I struggle to get a running start on some of those questions or ideas listed out.

The point of post is not to write about how I struggle to find things to write about, but to ask you if there’s anything you want me to write about.

Are there any questions or opinion you ask of me? Or maybe something to write a poem about? I can certainly try.

If you have something, leave a comment below or fill in the contact form.

3 thoughts to “Ask Me Things

  • J Blanche

    Reblogged this on Information Blast!! thanks Joe.

  • rebecca2000

    Hmm maybe write the time you felt the most excited.

  • williamkendall1

    Even as a writing exercise, you can try reviewing a movie, even if that’s an older one.


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