So April is coming.

There was something else about Easter other than chocolate wasn’t there……

April tends to be a normal looking month when you first think about it. Easter is coming, you’re pretty sure it’s coming, I mean, however they work it out (I asked once) you know it’s around April – or the end of March – but that’s practically April right?


And the flowers out and the chickens are laying like it’s no one’s business and that guy in your neighbourhood (you now the one) is mowing his lawn again and you’re just glad that yours hasn’t started to take hostages yet (it’s really more of a July thing).

And the kids get out soon for Easter holidays the jammy little monsters and you have to work but then, at least you’re not 13 any more cause boy wasn’t that crap. And you don’t have to wear a jumper to work everyday now and hopefully your boss will turn the heating off. Or at least down cause some days it’s starting to get a bit warm. You’re working your way through what you officially consider your spring cold that you caught when you went to the doctors about your winter cough and cold that you’d had since November. This is definitely different though, I mean, you were feeling healthy for a whole day at the beginning of March.


No, me neither.

No really, they made a whole movie….

So it looks pretty normal. Maybe you’ll go see Shaun The Sheep at the cinema. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll spend the bank holiday weekend drinking the sun away cause who wants to actually experience life sober. Maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll spend it writing.

I will.

Cause April looks like a normal month until you remember it’s April and April means the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo. And you’re a sucker for a both a challenge and, well, no, you’re just a sucker.

I’ve not quite worked out the logistics of it yet. Whether it’ll be separate post a day for both, or one post for both. I’m not sure. And well, all I’m really sure of is that I need to get ahead of this challenge….

Any idea for either poetry or blog posts for letters of the alphabet (B is gone and that’s it) – that post a comment or send me a message. All ideas gratefully accepted this close to April.

2 thoughts to “April. Is. Coming…(dun dun duh)

  • Tarkabarka

    I have seen many blogs do both. Both are great fun, that’s for sure 🙂 Whatever you decide, have fun!

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary – Epics from A to Z
    MopDog – The crazy thing about Hungarians…

  • synapsparkle

    I need to get some eggs…. Btw, I’m reading, even if I don’t always have time for commenting 🙂


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