A-Z Challenge Suggestions

So, seeing as I like to blog and I like a challenge, and I have most of April free I figured I would sign up for the A-Z Blog Challenge.

Which basically goes like this: Every day in April you write a blog post of some kind, including poetry, photography, whatever you want to do, using the letter’s of the alphabet (in order) as you go along. Sundays are days off (except the first one this year) and you can plan ahead.

I don’t know if I can write ahead, which would be handy cause I’m going away for a couple of days mid-April, so I’ll have to find out.

I like a good writing challenge. I don’t know why. Even when I know I won’t finish or can’t manage, I tend to attempt it. Or at least want to attempt it. I’m not just thinking of NaNoWriMo, but that’s a good example. Last year I didn’t even attempt it because I had just started uni and had way too much on my plate to even try; I wanted to though. Desperately. Daft thing is, I’ve plenty of novels I should be writing and shouldn’t be starting something new. The year before, 2010, I did start and it generally stressed me out so much I had to give up for my own sanity. I actually completed NaNoWriMo in 2009, so not trying over the past two years is okay is with me (especially since I’ve been trying since 2003 to do it).

I tended to sign up for a lot of fanfiction ficathons where a bunch of people sign up to write a fanfic based on each others requests. I always struggled with the request part, I tend to like to write more than read and I only read fanfiction rated R and over (usually, what’s the point else?). I’ll write anything pretty much, though, I haven’t written much fanfiction over the past few months. Anyway, enough about geeky me.

I like being given prompts, ideas and pairings to write about, or even just words on occasion. Someone gave me the prompt of gold and a pairing and I got a 1,500 word fanfic out of that alone. I liked going to the poetry group and to writing classes and etc, to get prompts and challenges that got me writing.

So, having said that, I have a few ideas for a few of the letters; like A will be for Apples, but if anyone has anything they want me to write about (in any form), or photograph/draw, for one of the letters over April, just leave a comment or drop me an email with your idea.


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  1. I'm also going for the A to Z challenge during which time I'll be in Morland, UK, visiting an old school chum from our days in Nkana, Zambia. Haven't seen her for at least a hundred years. Ought to be interesting! Do you know if the the posts have to be a certain length?

  2. I read over the FAQ's again and the blog, and it looks like posts need to be relatively short. I'm going to Chester for my fiancee birthday and planning a wedding now. Doh.

  3. Hi there, just visiting from the A-Z Challenge. Last year I just winged it every day, looking out for something begining with the appropriate letter.This year I'm far more organised. As a fantasy writer I decided to do the A-Z of World Building. So excited!Good luck!(btw I'm a fellow UK blogger, down below you in Devon)

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