I have returned to wordpress. Not me personally, I haven’t rolled up at the doors of the wordpress office and said ‘I used to live here and I’m moving back in’ but the blog. I used to host the blog myself, and I could do so again, but I fancied giving wordpress.com a go. Partly because I missed the platform and Blogger‘s new interface was awful (thanks Google). Plus I reduced the amount of webspace I was buying so seeing as I was moving the site from one space/address to another, I thought I’d try Blogger. I don’t regret it but it’s good to try different things. You never know what’s going to fit (I have accounts with all sorts of blog/journal sites).

Another reason I’m back with wordpress is that I wanted to see what community there is at wordpress.com.

When I first really started blogging (rather than online journaling – there is a difference) I was using Modblog. It’s not around anymore, though you can find old pages on the Wayback Machine. It was a great blogging platform, versatile and user friendly, but it’s core was it’s community. I am still friends with at least two former members of modblog. I’m not sure I can even explain what made that community what it was, perhaps it was just the people, though the homepage, helped, the poetry contests, the forum. There was effort put into the service and the blogs. Unfortunately it collapse and many of us have been drifting around the blogosphere for a few years now (some have never truly settled). Many went to EFX3.com (which is an improved version of efx2.com), but I couldn’t settle there, and I had had my own domain for a while anyway. So loved is modblog that there’s is a facebook group for former members. Of course I’m a member.

Anyway, I miss it.

I feel similar about Livejournal. It was a great community once, the fandom I was in wasn’t full of wank (there was some but mostly it was good. And of course that show ended and no other fandoms felt the same, even though I loved them. It was going downhill a bit, then the Russian company bought it (I forget the name of it right now) and it continued to get worse there. I barely use it now. Only to post fanfiction and I don’t write much of that any more either.

I also thought being here, would help me read more blogs. Help me return to blog Monday (or perhaps I’ll change it to blog Tuesday), the day of the week where I try to read as many of the blogs I follow as possible plus some more.

I’d like to hear peoples thoughts on wordpress.com, online communities in general and so on if anyone has anything they want to share.

3 thoughts to “A Return

  • NZ Cate

    I love the community at WordPress, but I know it’s only as good as the energy I put into it. Sometimes that lages when I get behind in my reading of other blogs. Something to strive for. 🙂

  • Diane Carlisle

    I use Blogger. At first, I didn’t like the new interface either, but it has grown on me. I believe they still have the option available to go back to the older version. I tried that once and when I went back, I decided I didn’t really care for it much anymore, so I switched back to the new. 🙂

    Things will grow on you, Then again, you will out grow your favorite things. A sense of community can take place anywhere, you just have to insert yourself and start contributing. It will happen as it does no matter where you are.

    Happy Blogging, everyone!

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