I don’t believe in angels.

For a few reasons. Angels are typically related to a religion that I neither believe in or am a big fan of. I’m not a big fan of organised religion as a whole really – I don’t like being told what to do or what to believe or who to love based on a book written so long ago by people are now dust. A book that was re-written to fit an ideal of some men at the time.

It’s not a good way to live.

Angels are mentioned or a part of several other religions too – Judaism, Islam, Sikhism – and well I don’t believe in any of those religions either.

I think I’m too practical a person to be particularity spiritual in any way. My wife, my friends, they have it in them and I actually have a lot of respect for people who have faith. Especially as the world seems to continually crumble around us.

Song of the Angels – by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Mostly, I find a belief in angels to be a little sickly sweet for me. The idea that there are angels up in heaven watching over us, as guardians, looking out of us? It’s too nice, too unreal. It doesn’t fit my world view at all – we are not being looked after, watched over, guarded and protected by spirits. We are being looked after by ourselves, watched over by family and friends, guard and protected by the people around us. Real, flesh and blood people. Those are the real angels, the people who go through all this stuff wit us, for us, because of us.

So I find it a little nauseating sometimes – this idea of angels – it’s too sweet, too nice and even a little unrealistic. I mean, I’m pretty sure angels have better things to be doing than just sitting around watching us and it never feels like any angel protecting me is actually doing anything.

But then, is that because they don’t exist or because I don’t believe.

Probably both. If that’s possible.

Thought I remember this fridge magnet my mum had about Jesus and the footsteps in the sand and I guess that could be it.

I think though when it comes down to it, however bad I feel, I will never have faith. I like the idea – I’m agnostic at best (that’s not what I put on my census form – my census form has said Jedi and Browncoat so far. The next one will be Andrastian). I like the idea of a lot of religious ideas – especially reincarnation and the traditions of Buddhism.

My own personal belief leans more towards leading a good life, being a good person, being good to other people regardless of who is right at the end of the day, regardless of what they believe in and what I believe in (or don’t believe in as the case may be).

That’s how everyone should live.

3 thoughts to “A is for Angels

  • Linda Hamonou

    Very good post. It’s a lot better to live a good life as you said than to obey principles we don’t understand or believe in no matter how good (bad) they are.
    Happy AtoZ

  • Han van Meegeren

    I agree with you on living a good life. Making the right choices at the time when it counts. Doing the good thing without a reward or even when nobody knows you did that but you. And angels? Perhaps they are there all along when you made the right choice at last. It doesn’t matter much if you believe in them or not, I think. I think they would help you either way. But being a good person, that is what counts Rhi, all that counts.
    Wonderful post,

  • Wendy

    Being good and doing good — that seems to be a universal goal of people of faith as well as agnostics.
    ~Visiting from AtoZ


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