So 2016 is over and it was – as all years are- good and bad. Even for me. A lot of celebrities have died, some I admired greatly. Especially Victoria Wood. Beyond that I have lost two more friends this year, another to suicide and one just recently. Both have left a little ache in my heart. Another couple of micro fracture along the edges. I also managed to physically fracture my ankle this year, falling out of my house.

I would not change any of this – not the losses, not the accident, nothing. The bad makes us the people we are as much as the good. As much anything. There are entire years I could do without but to change them, to forgo that suffering would mean I am not here and now.

And I like here and now.

2016 has seen us making good friends with my neighbours, my fourth wedding anniversary, a new job and the birth of my son. He has become a joy in my life that I am struggling to deal with but I’m learning as I go along. Being a parent, being a mum, has been a hell of an experience and as with everything, I wouldn’t change it. Wouldn’t change him.

In terms of blogging – I started Wordless Wednesdays, got on track with weekly posting (then dropped off when Snappy was born, then found my groove again), started a new blog for my parenting journey and made some progress with Welsh Bloggers.

Here are my favourite posts from the last year, one from each month.

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A lot of stuff is coming up in 2017. Work is going to get crazy again, Welsh Bloggers is set for the next five months at least. I want to keep up the posting schedule here and at Winging It. I started an Instagram account and am going to try to do the UK Bloggers challenge on there. There are some things I want to do – write more. Write more poetry and fiction and put together another collection of poems. Host more guest posts. Get back into writing for Geeks Out.

It’s all a work in progress. As my life always is.

Plus, Snappy will start…well everything, weaning, crawling, all sorts.

It’s going to be a hell of a year.

One way or another.


2 thoughts to “2016 Blog Round Up

  • paul

    great post, yes 2016 was challenging, Im sure 2017 will have its ups and downs. Good luck and keep up the great content x

    • bread

      Thanks. I’m 2017 will be a little easier but ready for anything!


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