So, I have started NaNoWriMo, despite the fact that I wasn’t going to even start it this year and was going to be content with doing the poetry version instead I found myself desperately wanting to write something at 3am on the 1st November, after writing a long forum post. I have been finding NaNo a little stressful over the past few years and I try to keep down the amount of stress in my life, because with my depression and anxiety, I don’t need it surely. But I am always drawn to it and now I’m over 3000 words in, and on target and re-writing a novel I started for NaNo a few years ago. It’s needs rewriting, because it wasn’t very good and I was trying to write half the novel set in the late 1980’s when I was just a kid and well, I struggle to remember last week, let alone the last couple of decades. So set the flashbacks in the present and the rest in the future. I can make the future up.

Despite a full month coming up, and my anxiety and depression a little out of whack already, I’ve decided to give this a go, with the hope that I not cave into the pressure of that word count. That I just write, and get somewhere and even if I do half then that’s still an accomplishment and still a good chunk of the novel written that I would like to continue and build on.

It’s about vampires. But hopefully not your typical crappy vampire novel but a novel about turning vampires back into humans as part of the war on the undead and evil supernatural.

I’ll tell you how this goes, it may or may not get anywhere.

Here is an excerpt:
She rolled another cigarette before she left the club, pulling on her jacket against the spitting rain and heavy fog that was continuing to curl around her mind.


She heard her name, called out in a low quiet tone from somewhere ahead of her and she stopped, stilled on the pavement. Then, her legs moved, pulled forward, step by step until she saw him in the darkness between street lamps, smiling at her.


The single sound was again not her own choice, forced from her mouth like the smile and the steps and silence that followed.

“Going home?” he asked.


“Where do you live?”

“Not far.”

She felt the danger creeping in, slowly from her frozen feet up but couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything at all and she was backing up against a cold damp wall. Anthony hadn’t moved, hadn’t come closer, he just stared at her, the focus of the world narrowing down to his dark eyes again even though she could barely see him in between the two lamps. She could see the piercing darkness, the light around it, his thin pale lips.

Then he was walking up to her, crowding her in against the wall in and she took in a deep breath, unable to run, or speak. Not that she wanted to do either. She suddenly found herself stuck, a fire burning inside her suddenly even as her limbs went cold and dead. Her pressed up against her, freezing through his jeans and jacket and she tried to close her eyes against whatever assault was to come but still found herself riveted by him, by his eyes.

“Please…” she managed to get out.

He didn’t reply, didn’t have anything else to say to her. He simply smiled and moved into her neck and the only movement she could make was to tip her head to one side, arching her neck for him and wait for him to….bite her?

Lauren hadn’t expected that, and the pain lanced through her veins as he sank his teeth into her skin, pressing into her flesh and she tried to scream but when she opened her mouth nothing came out. She held her mouth open, neck stretched and eyes open, staring at his brittle brown hair. She felt the pull of her veins and arteries as his teeth sunk deeper still and he began to suck, began to drink. She felt the world turning black, saw the world turning black, even with her eyes open and the street lamp and moonlight above her.

“Hold on Lauren,” Anthony said, “just a little longer.”

She whimpered, tried to speak again but he pressed his teeth back into her.

Then she was falling, her mind slipping into the night and her legs giving way beneath her. He stepped back, and as she slid down onto the floor and looked up at him, he was wiping the thick red blood from his mouth and smiling.

“Why?” she mumbled and he crouched down beside her, kissing her on the forehead.

“Because you’re beautiful, and you need a new life.”

“I like my life,” she said, worse horse on her sore throat.


He stood up and the last thing she saw before she slipped into red and black and unconsciousness was Anthony laughing and licking his bloody fingers clean.


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  • williamkendall1

    I think when one takes on the vampire genre- or anything that’s a trend- they need a unique spin on it. Turning them human qualifies.


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