About Me

My name is Ren, I’m a freelance writer and live on the west coast of Wales.

I’m a writer, poet and geek. I also dabble in photography.

About My Work

I’m a writer of poetry, blog posts, weird little stories and even the occasional fanfiction.

I run a blog called Queer Little Family – a diverse blog that focuses on stories over stuff.

As a freelancer, I’ve written all sorts of things from sales copy to long-form articles – check out my portfolio for more information.

I’m a published poet with work in Glitterwolf and other poetry zines online and in print.

I’ve been published by The Mighty and have written for Geeks Out.

Hire Me

To hire me for freelance writing work feel free to contact me using this form. Or considering hiring me through Upwork or Fiverr.

My rate is £25/$35 dollars per 400 words, though that rate is slightly less on Upwork and Fiverr and is negotiable for longer term or multiple jobs. For work done through email, I request half the payment up front and half when the work is done.